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Upcoming gigs:

More 2020 shows to be announced


Past gigs:

11th January 2020: The Glad, Borough

1st June 2019: The Oval, Croydon

24th November 2017: The Islington

28th October 2017: The Glad, Borough

9th September 2017: The Unicorn, Camden

29th July 2017: The Barham Beer Festival, Kent

8th July 2017: The Glad, Borough

16th June 2017: The Glad, Borough

5th May 2017: The Oval, Croydon

9th December 2016: Hoodoo's, Croydon

18th November 2016: The Slaughtered Lamb

6th November 2016: Beats & Eats, Croydon

16th July 2016: The Mint Street Music Festival

17th March 2016: The Lady Luck, Canterbury

25th July 2014: The 12 Bar Club

4th April 2014: The Betsey Trotwood

11th August 2013: The Rebellion Festival

26th July 2013: The 12 Bar Club

16th February 2013: Kingsmeadow Live

7th December 2012: The Betsey Trotwood

28th September 2012: The 12 Bar Club

28th October 2011: The 12 Bar Club

11th October 2011: The Borderline

6th August 2011: The Grosvenor

30th June 2011: The Enterprise

14th May 2011: The 12 Bar Club

25th September 2010: The Enterprise

4th July 2010: Hope and Anchor

12th June 2010: Mitcham Carnival

3rd June 2010: Arch 635

27th January 2010: The Windmill

9th January 2010: The 12 Bar Club

12th December 2009: The Zenith Bar

7th November 2009: The Camden Head

17th September 2009: Camden Rock

17th July 2009: 12 Bar Club

1st July 2009: Camden Rock

12th June 2009: The Cross Kings

7th April 2009: South of the Border

26th March 2009: The Cross Kings

8th March 2009: The Spice of Life

21st February 2009: The Grove

28th January 2009: Mother Bar

2nd December 2008: Barden's Boudoir

12th November 2008: The Hope & Anchor

27th August 2008: The Buffalo Bar

26th April 2008: The Grove

6th March 2008: The Bullet Bar

23rd January 2008: The Fiddler's Elbow

11th December 2007: The Comedy

31st October 2007: Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

10th August 2007: Leonard's, EC1

30th June 2007: Leonard's, EC1

30th May 2007: Fiddler's Elbow, Camden

19th April 2007: Half Moon, Herne Hill

31st March 2007: Kingsmeadow Live

22nd March 2007: The Clockwork

4th February 2007: The 12 Bar Club
Studio Sonic Battle of the Bands winners!

17th January 2007: The Ivy House

9th January 2007: The Comedy

28th November 2006: The Clockwork

12th November 2006: The 12 Bar Club

13th October 2006: Leonard's EC1

12th August 2006: The Lark in the Park\

3rd May 2006: The Lark in the Park

6th April 2006: The Buffalo Bar

10th March 2006: Leonard's EC1

18th February 2006: The Bush Hill Park Tavern

17th January 2006: The Comedy

20th December 2005: The Caernarvon Castle

15th September 2005: The Grove

12th August 2005: The Lark in the Park

27th July 2005: The Bull &Gate

22nd June 2005: The Lark in the Park

11th May 2005: The Lark in the Park